John Henry Clippinger is founder and Co-Director of The Law Lab ( at Harvard University, a new multi-disciplinary center founded to research the role of social, neurological, and economic mechanisms on the role of law in facilitating cooperation and entrepreneurial innovation. The Law Lab is developing an open governance platform to enable innovation in governance mechanism to further new forms of private law, self-governance and the formation of digital institutions. Dr. Clippinger was also a Senior Fellow at the Berkman Center where he helped found and support the development of an open source, interoperability identity framework called Project Higgins ( to give people control over their personal information.
He is the author of A Crowd of One: The Future of Individual Identity (Perseus, Public Affairs,
2007, and The Biology of Business, Natural Laws of Enterprise Josey Bass, 1998 ). Previously, he was Director of Intellectual Capital, Coopers & Lybrand and the founder and CEO of four software companies, most recently, Azigo. He also is holds three software patents, and consults with Equifax, and other companies, foundations, and government agencies on technology, policy and business strategy. He is Co-Chair of Open Identity Exchange Advisory Board and has lectured at Stanford, Brandeis, MIT, Yale, Boston University, Chinese Academy of Science, Harvard, Brown, Dartmouth, UPenn, among others.

Dr. Clippinger is a graduate of Yale University and holds a MA. and Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania. He is a frequent participant at The Highlands Forum, The Aspen Institute, the CEO Leadership Institute of Yale School of Management, Creative Leadership Summit, Aspen Institute Italy, Fortune Brainstorm, Arab Thought Leadership Conference, Kauffman Summer Institute, Monaco Media Forum, a member of the World Economic Forum Telco Leadership Council, Supernova, Diamond Exchange, TII/Vanguard, and The Santa Fe Institute Business Network.

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